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Math IQ Games


* Shown to improve memory and attention
* Detailed feedback and improvement tracking
* Fun and easy: full workout in less than 10 minutes/day
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Math Spider is a fun arithmetic game with focus on a single number ...
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True or False Math
True False Math game is a fast paced arithmetic game that encourage...
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Brain IQ Tips & Facts

Playing MathIQgames on a regular basis will improve your fundamental math skills.  Each of our games has been scientifically designed and tested to target specific fundamental area of mathematical curriculum. Our Mastery index allows you to gage how you perform in terms of others.  100 points on the Mastery index indicates that a 99 percentiles has been reached and therefore a player can move on to other challenging areas.



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Why MathIQGames?

Scientific studies shows that particular forms of brain workout can potentially improve the health and function of the mind. We developed a multitude of stimulating games with this finding in mind, and user reviews have confirmed that MathIQgames training can enhance memory, attention, and other cognitive areas.


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